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 This 6 week online course will walk you through every step on your journey through the college admissions process. We will teach you how to fulfill the requirements of the colleges you love. You may have credentials from your home country that will help you get accepted. We will convert your transcript scores to the G.P.A. system.

We will also help you fill out all your enrollment paperwork including your admissions essay. We will practice interview questions and give you the confidence to shine!

Intermediate and Advanced Level Accepted

This 8 week online course will increase your score by showing you exactly what to expect on the test and by giving you example questions from previous tests!  We will increase your TOEFL vocabulary so that you are prepared for the types of reading and writing that you will see on the exam. We will also practice authentic speaking and listening together, so as to cover all 4 timed parts of the exam.


Intermediate and Advanced Level Accepted

This 6 week online course prepares you for the expectations of American Universities. Learn how to plan and organize a course schedule, how to navigate classroom expectations and citation requirements, and how to communicate effectively with peers, professors and academic advisors. Receive feedback and instruction about how to work on collaborative projects and highlight your skills in the classroom. If you intend to study on-line or in the USA, this is a MUST HAVE course filled with everything you need to know to succeed in the American education system.

Intermediate and Advanced Level Accepted

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I guarantee to show you how you have improved your shills to increase your score on the TOEFL exam! Let me show you how to prepare and feel confident!

Teaching in a satellite program for the University at OXFORD taught me how to help you outshine the competition and excel in the classroom!


Bethany Iraci-McBane

Bachelor of Science in English
Master of Science in Education; TESOL 

Sarah Shaw

Bachelor of Science in English and Spanish
Master of Science in Education; TESOL