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Employees of Dominion Hospitality Group and Holiday Inn Express

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English class for adult beginners...

at 7:00pm EST

Our CONVERSATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CLASS is made for adults who are learning English. It will help you with everything you want to know as a beginner. Practice with us through fun exercises and activities. All online.


Join one of our small study groups... 

to fit YOUR

Our STUDY GROUP is perfect for beginners. There are only a few students in each group so you will have plenty of time to speak and practice. We can add any topics that you need, and we have a lot of fun activities built to improve your English. Study groups cost less than classes do.


Practice speaking with a partner...

Tuesdays &
Thursdays at
8:00 pm EST

Our CONVERSATION PARTNERS program is a great way to practice and learn. Your American instructor will guide you and your partner through real life situations and vocabulary. You can sign up with a friend or ask us to pair you with another I-ELC student.