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This 6 week online course prepares you for the expectations of American Universities. Learn how to plan and organize a course schedule, how to navigate classroom expectations and citation requirements, and how to communicate effectively with peers, professors and academic advisors. Receive feedback and instruction about how to complete college application paperwork from trusted academic university instructors. 

Intermediate and Advanced

$800. USD

*scholarships available for qualified applicants

This 8 week online course will increase your score by showing you exactly what to expect on the test and by giving you example questions from previous tests!  We will increase your TOEFL vocabulary so that you are prepared for the types of reading and writing that you will see on the exam. We will also practice authentic speaking and listening together, so as to cover all 4 timed parts of the exam.


Intermediate and Advanced

$800. USD

*scholarships available for qualified applicants

 This 6 week online course is for highly motivated academic English Language Learners who wish to perfect their reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammatical knowledge. Students will practice these skills with a variety of genres and will be challenged to critically think about the form and usage of the English language in academic contexts.


$800. USD

*scholarships available for qualified applicants

This 6 week online course covers general English grammar & vocabulary for conversational purposes. We will engage in live class conversations, dialogues, and one-to-one practice with experienced native English speakers. Come develop and expand your ability to converse fluently in English.

Beginner and Intermediate

$800. USD

*scholarships available for qualified applicants

Conversation Partners

The best way to get better at anything is to practice. If you can make an international contact along the way; all the better.

At I-ELC, we will match you with a partner online and create interesting conversation guidelines to reinforce our lessons or address your common learning goals. 6 week online course.

It is easy and fun!


New Pay-Per-Hour Program Available!

Study Groups & Private Tutors

The help you need. The price you want.

At I-ELC, we offer two types of online tutoring services.


We book 6 week sessions of individualized tutoring built around your personal goals. Meet up to 3 times per week with your own American collegiate instructor.



We offer 6 week Study Groups in which 

I-ELC staff pair you with other international students who share your ability level and study goals. This small group instruction is built around your needs and it is offered at a reduced price.

Colleges, Universities, & Academic Organizations

Workshops for your community. Employee Benefits Package for you.



At I-ELC, we offer two types of



We build individualized

1-day seminars and 2-day workshops

to address the needs of your staff community.  With just a few questions we can easily produce a comprehensive program AND offer continued support services to your most valuable investment.





How do you retain great employees? 

With great benefits!

At I-ELC we can offer 


at little or no cost to you! 

As you help your staff, and their families, grow by supporting our classes and tutoring services, you will show your employees how invested you are in them. 

Our instructors are all American Masters-Degree Level and English native-speakers.

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